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I got my labour pain and the excitement begained, it was 16-2-17 I wanted to wait till the clock struck 12. The pain was unbearable and the gynecologist of mine said it’s just not enough to deliver ( I thought he was kidding but he was damn serious), in short he needed me to get more pain. Oh my god please help me was the only thing in my mind, kudos to my mom who delivered 4 kids in a row and she was the one who was a great strength for me at this crucial stage of my life, I love her forever. Finally after all the mantra chants and prayers to God, full of sweat and thirsty throat, I delivered a baby girl on 17-2-17, I wanted to wait till 12am for this date :p , but it wasn’t at 12am that I delivered, I suffered for more unbearable 4 hours and the most wonderful miracle happened to me.

It was the most beautiful, blessed and bondfull moment of my life. Bond between me, my mother & my daughter. I was a mother now, the excitement was soo high that I was still speechless. I just want to keep seeing her. She is soo adorable. 

A month of good pee-potty-feeding passed.

And now started a month of witching hours. Every evening the colic attacks starts and that heartaching cry of her starts. Tried all medications, all excercises, but nothing works, i was ready to spend all time for her I just wanted her to get normal again, my love is suffering so much was my main concern.

Mother’s love is so priceless no one can replace it .. as one Gujarati poem says “janni ni jod sakhi nahi jade re lol” the most mesmerizing poem I have ever learnt. Though the nights are sleepless days are restless and life is selfless this time is such a bliss-bless. Motherhood is a boon in disguise, I m glad I am blessed.

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