Miraculous me…

I wonder sometimes if I wasn’t born as human who would I have been?

Now that I m concieving a baby (my own personal baby..I swear it’s d biggest blessing) in the same way how blessed my parents would have been, the excitement they must have had when I was suppose to take birth in to this world, how they welcomed me so gracefully.I was such a beautiful miracle for them. They Fulfilled all my wishes, (all my tantrums and madness were handled so cleverly offcourse). Kudos to my parents for doing such a great job, I love them for everything.

I wonder how we will welcome this miracle in my Womb. Every moment is already soo special even outside this physical body and even inside. I was such a miracle than and even now it’s abig miraculous thing happening with me.Everything is so special. I am greatfull to God for all the phenomenon of this life and the coming life in me. Life is a very special gift we own.

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