Human’s or robot’s

A thought creeped my mind, is there any remote control for humans?.. walking, standing, sitting, sleeping, eating and all activities easily done.
We can run, play, feel, sing, hate, love, we can and we want to do anything and everything.

In short I felt like all robots moving around me, but who’s operating them?

Any force? Any God? Which God? If God is seeing us operating us the mystical power that he has,than why does one fall sick? why does one die?

Why there is a cycle of incarnation? Whats the full theory behind it? The spiritual self of us makes us live in a totally different world. In a stroke of a second the life is gone. We are no more a robot nor even a human we become a dead body.

Life is such a mystery, no one has known, there are no perfectly known answers to this…
But what matters is our greatfullness towards this life,it is said that we all hav got a limited stock of usage of things in our Karma of people and everything around us and wen our stock is over weather a person be young or old nothing can get that stock back… So be greatfull to whatever you hav got,whatever we eat, whoever we are with friends and family …

Give  as much as you can, give physically, emotionally and spread happiness and peace. All that you have given will come back to you in the next incarnation and even in this life too.

So live to your fullest, smile, spread smiles, give as much as you can, spread love and peace.

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