My piece of heart


She is beautiful inside outside,

She is a fierce energy,

She walks ahead of all,

She makes u tall,

Wen she smiles sorrows looks small,

Wen she loves, she loves like god,

Wen she wants, she breaks all walls,

But wen she did not want y did u send a call?

I miss her, the loss shook us all,

Please respond to our plead,

Please come back, its u we need,

I want u, please come in some dreams,

U din even say n go, we would hav shared more scenes.


Green friends

Here I am talking about plants. They just know how to please you. They always give. They give fruits, flowers, vegetables, wood and innumerable‚Äč things that we use in our day to day life. They attract negative energy and even die if it’s a lot of it. There is always a positive ambiance around them, it’s always a great satisfaction around greens.

There’s a story about lord Mahavir here it goes, …

Lord was standing in deep meditation under a mango tree, in a while a few kids who were playing around came near the mango tree. Fascinated seeing the ripened mangoes kids started to search for stones around, to get the mango. So the small creatures bought some good stones and started to throw on the mango tree.

One stone hit lord Mahavir, the kids panicked and reached to lord Mahavir to know weather he is hurt by their deed. There were tears in Mahavir’s eyes,

Kid out of enthusiasm asked lord “Hey lord, sorry if we have hurt you hard? That you got tears in your eyes” 

Lord said “Dear child I am not crying because I am hurt, but because when you threw stone on the tree he gave you fruits and when you threw it on me I couldn’t give you anything, this hurted me”

Even lord felt inferior to these mighty creatures. We should always be greatfull to thier sacrifices and learn art of giving from them, life is full of abundance how much you give, you grow more and more.

True love

I can’t stay with him,

He annoys me to the core,

I can’t even stay without him,

He loves me more than crore,

He is the best man I have met ever,

In his company my heart goes pitter patter,

With him incomplete looks complete,

He loves like no one can compete,

His smile starts my day,

To love truly is his way,

Only he can make my heart sway.

Baby ? Angel

Softer than a feather,

Hold of her gives me pleasure,

My heart she’s stolen,

Ohh baby godess,

You’re golden.

A string of bond,

We two hold.

Love we share,

Can never be told.

My love my pride

Years later will be a bride

Miss u from now,

As u shall go

Mommy says stay blessed

Where ever u go.